Blast Resistant Modular Buildings

Space Projects Hull Ltd designs, manufactures and installs blast resistant buildings for hazardous environments in the UK and Europe, including France, Belgium and Italy. Our blast resistant buildings range includes both stand alone and modular buildings, which can be manufactured in bespoke sizes and specifications, from 100mba to 700mba.

Our products can be used for a range of applications in the petrochemical industry and sites in which hazardous materials are processed or stored, maximising safety of personnel and protecting equipment and the environment.

The range includes offices, welfare facilities, control rooms, toxic refuge, laboratories, control rooms, toxic refuge, remote instrument enclosures and gatehouses, which may be permanent on-sites structures or used for shutdowns.

All of our buildings are engineered in accordance with the following guidelines:

ASCE – Design of blast resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities;

API 752 (2009 edition) – Management of hazards associated with location of process plant permanent buildings;

API 753 (2007 edition) – Management of hazards associated with location of process plant portable buildings;

CIA – The guidance for the location & design of occupied buildings on chemical manufacturing sites (2010 edition).

Please contact us if you require any further information on our products, or a more detailed insight into our previous Blast projects.


We can offer a full turn-key package, from initial site visit, to design and manufacture, and transportation and installation European wide.

We offer a fully bespoke design service to meet your needs, including toxic refuge facilities which have been designed in conjunction with our blast engineers.

All of our buildings are fully welded Non Destructive Tested steel structures (NDT tested).

Blast resistant modular gatehouse building

Security Gatehouse 50mba

Blast Resistant Modular Building

Remote Instrument Enclosure LD100mba

Blast resistant building interior

Internal of Blast Resistant Welfare Facility